Our new logo

We'd like to tell you that our redesigned logo is a sign of our renewed commitment to our core brand attributes of innovation, integrity, and service. We'd hope to say that our new logo builds upon our unique heritage, but also allows us to take a bold new step forward into a future that requires greater adaptability and innovation than ever before. 

We hope that you'll see that our new logo represents both solidity and movement, steadfastness and adaptability, and sends a clear signal that we're building on our long-established history while opening the next exciting chapter of our brand story.

But the truth is that we just got tired of the old logo the same way you wake up one day and decide it's time to paint the bathroom. Also, our biggest competitor recently refreshed their logo and got a lot of press for it.

Plus, the marketing team was recently criticized for not "moving the needle" enough in Q3.

That's why we recently solicited bids from some of the most prestigious branding and identity agencies in the world. After weeks of thoughtful due diligence, we selected a creative partner we felt would be able to interpret the spirit — the very essence — of who we are as an organization, and manifest that in a brand identity that reflected us in a way that was fresh, unique, and yet somehow familiar

And in fact our agency partner delivered above and beyond our wildest expectations. Too much so, in fact. The work they developed was just a little too fresh, a little too innovative, and maybe not quite familiar enough.

So after all was said and done, we ended up settling on a logo that was designed by Sue in Accounting. And we're damn proud of it.