Weekly Waffles

Every Friday I create a brief status report for my work projects, each consisting of 5-10 bullet points. Each point outlines what happened on the project in the past week, and what's coming up. 

A typical bullet point looks like this:

  •  Subscription sign-up flow: UX complete and approved; Joe to start front-end dev and integration next week. 

Although I send these updates to my bosses, they're not a requirement. I started writing them for myself: they remind me what I've accomplished in the past week, and force me to think about what's next. And they take about 5 minutes to write.

I save a copy of each week's update in an email folder as they're helpful for annual reviews. Mostly, however, they're just a great way to cleanse my brain of the various project-related bytes swirling around inside.

And the subject line? Weekly Waffles, in honor of my nickname here at TED.