I'm Director, Experience Design at TED. For two decades, I've led design and development teams, won some awards, worked with great clients, taught here and there, judged some competitions, guest-lectured, sat on design and tech panels, and had my work featured in a few books.

In addition to design, I write (a lot). In addition to having essays posted on TED, TED-Ed, Fatherly, The Mighty, and Yahoo!, I'm a featured writer at Medium and Top Writer for 2018 at Quora.

Iā€™m dad to twin boys, one of whom is autistic, both of whom inspire me to try to make the world a little better.

I love design, technology, science, philosophy, and the arts. I'm a curious explorer, skeptical humanist, and as nerdy as I am earnest.

I do better with naps.

Here's my resume which includes my CV, education, speaking engagements, and partial list of publications.

 All opinions are my own. Even the bad ones. Especially the bad ones.